About the Scott County Drug Prevention Task Force

The Scott County Drug Prevention Force is approaching 12 years of existence. After careful consideration, we decided that to better reach our audience, we wanted to rebrand. That being said, going forward we will be known as ChooseNotToUse. The purpose of rebranding was to find a new name and logo that encompasses the dangers of all illegal drug use.

ChooseNotToUse has engaged in a new partnership with Courage to Speak which we are now implementing in our Scott County Schools. This is a very impactful and powerful curriculum.  Courage to Speak is an ongoing program that will provide students the knowledge and skills necessary to make  healthy decisions and resist the pressure to use drugs.  This comprehensive drug prevention program incorporates lessons that address communication, decision-making, risk reduction, problem solving and goal setting to empower students to avoid drug use.  Students take part in specific skill development and asset-building activities through:

  1. a.   Group Discussion
  2. b.   Interactive lessons
  3. c.    Team work
  4. d.   Home-school connections

Depending on the grade the program is provided to, it offers 10 to 15 lessons.  The program also incorporates conversations between students and their parents in their homes.


To learn more about Climb Theatre, please visit climb.org.

Please visit couragetospeak.org for more information about Courage to Speak


The Scott County Drug Prevention Task Force is co-chaired by:

"As Scott County Attorney, I see firsthand the effects that illegal drug use has on law enforcement, government agencies, our communities and our citizens. It is the goal of ChooseNotToUse to educate and inform our youth about the dangers of illegal drug use and the negative impact it has on those that use. We all make choices in life and our hope is that you will choose not to use"
Click here for more information about Scott County Attorney Ron Hocevar.

"As your Sheriff, I have seen the negative effects of drug addiction on families, in our schools, in our community, and ultimately in our criminal justice system. The ChooseNotToUse partnership is one way for us to work together to improve the decision making of our youth through education."
Click here for more information about Sheriff Luke Hennen.

""Through our partnership with Climb Theatre, we make a concentrated effort to educate our youth about the dangers of illegal drug use.  Providing them with the tools to say no is vital.  If you do not try illegal drug use, you cannot become addicted.  Keeping the citizens of Scott County informed and educated about illegal drug use is part of our mission.  Choose Not To Use."